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Monthly meetings of the Plainfield Volunteer Firefighters Association are held on the second Thursday of each month at 1900 (that's 7pm) at the Plainfield Public Safety Complex, 38 North Central Street. If you are interested in joining the Association and helping Plainfield's emergency responders, be sure to stop by our monthly meeting.

If you are interested in joining Plainfield Fire-EMS and becoming a firefighter, EMT, or medical first responder in Plainfield, or want to get involved in any way, be sure to stop by any Thursday evening.

See the calendar for dates of special events and of the next monthly meeting.

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50th Plainfield Volunteer Firefighter’s Barbecue will happen on Sept. 5th


After a one year delay, the Plainfield Volunteer Firefighter’s Association is happy to announce, we are making plans to host the town’s 50th Barbecue on Sunday of Labor Day weekend. Tickets go on sale after July 4 th and will be limited to 400. Tickets are $15/adult and $7/child under 12. This is an increase after many years, but the meal will be well worth it:

1/2 Barbecued chicken, local baked potato and corn on the cob, all cooked on our giant open charcoal grill. The meal also includes homemade cole-slaw, a dinner roll, watermelon slice and beverage. All prepared for you by your volunteer firefighters and EMT’s.

Tickets are available from any firefighter, or online below. But order early, as day of event sales will be hard to guarantee.

As in the past, multiple events will coincide with the Barbecue. This includes the 45th Plainfield Road Race, a tough 1.1 mile run around the center of town, annual Shaw Memorial Library Book Sale, ArtsFeast- a local display of crafts and art, Annual Firefighter’s Silent Auction, live music provided by our local and state Arts Councils—this year, featuring the “Curtis Rich Revue” from Buckland. Last, but not least, the annual Rope pull.

A very busy day for all involved, that you should not miss. Buy your tickets soon and see you on Sept 5th .

PVFA Firefighters Barbecue Cancelled for 2020

July 30, 2020

Although the firefighters barbecue and raffle is our second largest fundraiser of the year, the members of PVFA have decided to cancel the event for 2020. While we had many creative suggestions for how to host a safer, socially-distant barbecue, ultimately we decided that we could not in good conscience hold a large gathering at a time when cases of Covid-19 are again starting to rise in Massachusetts. Our primary mission as firefighters, EMTs, and first responders is to protect the people of our town. We felt that if we did hold a "safer" barbecue, and even one person became sick afterwards, we would always wonder whether we had failed to take adequate precautions, and whether we had made a mistake.

We will miss seeing everyone the Sunday before labor day this year. Although we will not be cooking chicken and potatoes and corn for you this year, we hope that by next year things will have improved. Donations are always welcome, and all funds raised go to help purchase equipment and provide other assistance to Plainfield Fire-EMS.

PVFA purchases and installs tri-county radios

April 27, 2019

Thanks to the generous donations from the people of Plainfield, PVFA was able to purchase and install radios in Engine 1, Engine 3, Tank 2, and Brush 1 that will enable firefighters to better communicate with Franklin County fire departments.

2018 Annual Fund Drive Needs You!

Each year, your generous contributions help the Plainfield Volunteer Firefighters Association provide financial support to the Plainfield Fire-EMS Department for projects that exceed the department’s annual town budget. You make it possible for the town to operate a volunteer department of a quality that larger towns with larger budgets strive for. In the last year, your donations purchased upgraded radio technology. In previous years, you acquired vehicle stabilization tools, a thermal imager and more. This year, we are writing to ask for your help in helping protect our firefighters from cancer.\

Thirty or forty years ago, cancer was not considered an issue in the fire service, certainly not among the roster of the volunteer Plainfield Firefighters and EMTs. Responders took pride in how dirty their fire gear was and breathed in what we now know are toxic diesel fumes that filled the garage bays while they waited for fire apparatus to build enough air pressure to release their brakes before responding. As building and motor vehicle construction changed and more items in homes and vehicles were made out of plastic and other synthetic materials, the smoke given off by their combustion became even more hazardous. Call after call, year after year, your fire department responded to your requests for help.

Firefighters everywhere now have self-contained breathing apparatus to keep from breathing these fumes within a burning building or near a burning vehicle. Our 10 year old Public Safety Complex, like most newer fire stations, has air filtration systems that come on automatically when fire apparatus starts or returns to the building. Despite having safety tools like these, the Boston Fire Department is seeing a huge jump in the number of their firefighters fighting many forms of cancer. If it’s in Boston, it’s here too. One of the hazards that has been identified is contact with cancer-causing residue on firefighting turnout gear. Your fire officers recognize this issue and want to do everything they can to protect our firefighters from coming in contact with contaminants from hazardous environments.

We need your help to provide a way to effectively remove contaminants from firefighter turnout gear after an incident. We need to purchase a Continental commercial washer/extractor and dryer. These units clean up to four sets of turnout gear at a time. They are designed to wash and “extract” potential hazardous materials attached to the gear after an incident. This specialized equipment is not cheap; we expect up pay as much as $20,000 for the full system. This must happen now, and your support of our goal of personal protection for all Plainfield volunteer firefighters is the only way we will overcome the financial challenge.The cost is steep, but the potential to protect our most valuable assets, your firefighters and EMTs, is worth every penny. These are your friends, your neighbors, who are committed to protecting our small town. Will you step forward and help us to reach our critical goal?

We hope you will support our Annual Fund Drive through a tax-deductible donation.

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