The History of the Plainfield Volunteer Firefighters Association and the Plainfield Fire-EMS Department

Early History

The first mention of the Fire Department in Town records came in 1928 in the form of a monetary appropriation for the funding of a volunteer fire department. The next clear mention of the Department came during the period from 1951 - 1953. At that time the neighboring community of Cummington was paid to fight fires in Plainfield.

1941 Autocar Tanker

In 1954, the Plainfield Men's Club purchased a fire truck and gave it to the Town, and the Town appropriated money to heat the Firehouse that year.

Plainfield Firehouses

In 1954, the Firehouse was the old town garage which stood on Main Street behind the present day Town Hall. The next firehouse was built by volunteer laborers & benefactors in 1966 at 315 Main Street, using recycled timbers from a barn that was removed across the street. The firehouse and attached hall were later dedicated to the loving memory of Chief Norton "Dutch" Hathaway. "Dutch" was the Chief of Department from 1961 to 1965 and from 1968 to 1984. He is remembered fondly by many whom view him as the person who most shaped our Department into what it is present day.

In 2007, under Chief Dennis Thatcher, Plainfield's latest Firehouse, dubbed the Public Safety Complex, was completed at 38 North Central Street. Made possible with a combination of a USDA loan to the Town of Plainfield, a federal grant, in-kind labor from firefighters and other townspeople, and generous contributions made to the PVFA, the newest firehouse is big enough to protect all of Plainfield's Fire and EMS apparatus and host regional training sessions.

Plainfield Fire Chiefs Past & Present

  • Albert D. Bird 1928 - 1950

  • Ralph W. Rice 1953 - 1961

  • Norton L. Hathaway 1961 - 1965

  • Edward D. Shepard Jr. 1965 - 1967

  • William P. Carver 1967 - 1968

  • Norton L. Hathaway 1968 - 1984

  • Dennis A. Thatcher 1984 - 2019

  • David W. Alvord 2019 - present