PVFA volunteers undertake many projects to provide assistance to Plainfield Fire-EMS, from researching items to purchasing equipment to maintaining memorials.

2021 Dedication of the Dennis A. Thatcher Public Safety Complex

On May 29, 2021, the Plainfield Public Safety Complex was dedicated to the memory of our late Fire Chief, Dennis A. Thatcher.

The 10,000 sq. ft. facility opened in 2008, housing the Plainfield Volunteer Fire Department and Plainfield Emergency Medical Service. The Complex now houses 9 emergency apparatus in its 4 bay, 6 door garage. In addition, multiple conference and training rooms, radio dispatching desk and ready room, kitchen and bathrooms all are in full use by the twenty fire department members that include 15 1st responders and 5 EMT-B’s. This facility became reality for our small hill town during Chief Thatcher’s 35 years as Fire Chief for the Town of Plainfield. In addition, Plainfield E3, Tank 2 and Rescue 10 as well as 13 pair of SCBA (self-contained breathing apparatus) all were acquired via federal and state grants that both Dennis and Theresa Thatcher completed and submitted during his tenure.

Dennis joined the volunteer department in 1976 while working on the three generation Thatcher Farm on Central Street. He became an EMT in 1978, volunteering on the Cummington Ambulance and moving up the ranks on the Plainfield Volunteer Fire Department (PVFD). After the unexpected death of then Fire Chief “Dutch” Hathaway in 1984, Dennis was recommended by fire department members to become the next Chief of the department. After appointment by the Select Board, he became one of the Commonwealth’s youngest chiefs serving until August of 2019, when he passed away after a difficult three-year battle with Stage 4 cancers.

His commitment to the protection and betterment of our town during all his adult life is unprecedented, and we thank all those who helped us recognize this extraordinary achievement by joining us at the dedication of our Public Safety Complex in his name on Saturday, May 29th at 10am.

PVFA designed and purchased the sign and provided the labor to install it.

2021 Off-road Rescue Vehicle

2021 Kawasaki UTV, replacing older surplus vehicle that was acquired in 2011.

PVFA funded the purchase of this equipment with donations and transferred the Kim-Tek slip-on unit.

2019 Air Lifting Bags

Paratech Multiforce Air Lifting Bag system uses existing compressed air bottles to provide lifting force to raise vehicles and other objects for patient extrication.

PVFA funded the purchase of this equipment with donations.

2019 Gear Cleaning System

Continental Washer/Extractor and Dryer system for safely cleaning firefighter turnout gear for longer gear life and to protect firefighter health by removing contaminants and carcinogens.

PVFA purchased this equipment and funded its installation with donations over the last two years.

2019 Portable Radios

Portable radios to enable Plainfield responders to communicate with Ashfield and other Franklin county fire departments who are on a different frequency range.

PVFA purchased and installed Motorola portable radios in Engine 3, Tank 2, Engine 1 and Brush 1.

2018 Gear Storage

Additional 8-bay powder coated steel Ready Rack gear storage rack with mounting hardware.

PVFA purchased a second gear storage facility that is now fully in use at a cost of $2750. This system allows gear to dry more quickly after a fire, helping to make the gear last longer.

2017 Evacuation Chair

Ferno EZ Glide Evacuation Chair for moving patients down stairs and other narrow locations.

PVFA researched and funded from donations the $3700 cost of this chair.

Plainfield EMT and Medical Officer Ellen DuPont adjust straps on “patient” First responder/firefighter Claude DuPont(her husband) while training on the proper use of the department's new Ferno EZ Glide Evacuation Chair at the town's public Safety Complex.

2017 Video System

High-resolution (4K) Phillips wall-mounted monitor in conference room. This system provides support for formal and informal training of smaller groups and can be used during meetings for displaying training videos, product information, and for video conferencing. Mobile devices, laptops, or desktop computers can be connected using cables or wirelessly.

PVFA researched, purchased, and installed this system using donations and volunteer labor.

2017 Rescue Trailer

2016 U.S. Cargo 18' customized heated trailer. 9900 lbs GVW. 4' side door. Drop ramp. Rescue Alive ice/water rescue sled with six cold water ice rescue suits. Kawasaki Mule 4x4 off-road vehicle.

PVFA researched, funded from donations, procured, and outfitted a custom trailer at no cost to the town.

2017 Brush Truck

2005 Ford F350 4x4 automatic Forest Fire skid unit includes 250 ga. tank, Hale 32 HP pump/with foam application attached. 200' automatic hose reel. Off road tires. Cab and chassis acquired through the FEMA Federal Gov't. excess property program at no charge. Vehicle then retrofitted to PVFD specs.

PVFA purchased a new brush guard frame and winching system at a cost of $2600 to complete the outfitting of this piece of equipment.

2016 Thermal Imager

Argus Mi Thermal Imaging Camera.

PVFA purchased with extended warranty at a cost $9500, to replace the fire department's aging thermal imager.

2015 Gear Storage

8-bay powder coated steel Ready Rack gear storage rack with mounting hardware

PVFA purchased a new gear storage facility that is now fully in use at a cost of $2700. This system allows gear to dry more quickly after a fire, helping to make the gear last longer.

2014 Vacuum Tanker

2014 V-Tec tanker/pumper. International WorkStar Maxiforce 7500 frame and power train with an automatic transmission. 3000 gallon steel tank. Dual loading/un-loading system: 1,000 gal. gpm pump and direct "Vacuum" system. Dual side and rear discharge pipes. 6-15' draft hoses, 3,000 folding portable tank.

2013 Weather Station - Out of Service

Ambient Weather 2090 with WeatherBridge wireless interface and USB hub.

PVFA researched, purchased, and installed.

2012 Brush Tanker

All-wheel drive 6x6 off-road forestry tanker/pumper. Two 500 gallon tanks, with pump.

PVFA volunteers located and refurbished surplus vehicle, tanks, and pump. PVFA purchased necessary hardware and adapters.

2011 Command Vehicle - Out of Service

2005 Ford Expedition 4x4 command vehicle.

PVFA volunteers located and refurbished surplus vehicle, including installation of lights and radio.

2011 Tanker - Out of Service

1984 Detroit Diesel 3300 gallon Tanker.

PVFA used $15,000 raised from several years of its fundraising efforts to locate, purchase, put in service, and donate to the town.

2011 Off-road Rescue Vehicle - Out of Service

Kawasaki Mule acquired at no cost to the town from the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation(DCR) Bureau of Forest Fire Control. Kimtek slip-on unit, with water tank, pump, and space for a Stokes basket or back board.

PVFA purchased, installed, and donated the Kimtek slip-on unit and a front-mounted winch.

2009 Arvilla Dyer Memorial

Flagpole, flags, memorial plaque, garden.

PVFA purchased and installed the flagpole, memorial stone and plaque, and garden, and has maintained the memorial with new flags and gardening since.

2008 Pumper/Tanker - E3

2008 International/Smeal, 1250 gpm Waterous center mount pump, 1500 gal poly tank, class A foam, hydraulic ladder/drop tank attachment, telescoping light tower.

PVFA purchased hose adapters and other pieces of crucial equipment to put this vehicle in service.

2008 Rescue Truck - R10

2008 Ford E-450/Road Rescue Ultramedic, operated as a Rescue Truck. PVFA volunteers worked on specifications, purchasing, delivery, and setup.

2007 Public Safety Complex

New facility at 38 North Central Street to house Fire and EMS equipment with four double-bays and six apparatus doors. The complex also provides training and meeting space and serves as an emergency shelter.

PVFA helped prepare the site (removing trees, landscaping, etc.) and purchased and installed numerous items to make this facility more usable, including rewiring the entire telephone system, installing a computer network, and installing a sound system and projector for the training room.

Engine 1

1992 International/Pierce 1000 gpm pump, 1000 gal. tank

Air Truck

1988 GMC van mobile air supply vehicle acquired from Hampshire County Fire Defense.

Engine 5 - Out of Service

1980 International Large diameter hose reel Truck 2400' - 4" hose

Tanker - Out of Service

1979 International 2200 gal. Tanker

Engine 3 - Out of Service

1973 Ford/Maxim 750 gpm front mount pump, 1000 gal. steel tank

Tank 4 - Out of Service

1963 Diamond Reo 2,000 gal. Reserve Tanker

Brush 1 - Out of Service

1953 Dodge Brush Truck 250/250 gal.tank

1954 Engine 1 - Out of Service

1941 Autocar Tanker.

The Plainfield Men's Club purchased a fire truck and gave it to the Town. The members of the Plainfield Men's Club later created the Plainfield Volunteer Firefighters Association.