PVFA purchases thermal imager, gear rack, and equipment for brush truck, 2015

Post date: Oct 8, 2016 7:59:57 PM

Over the past few years, the annual PVFA fund drive has raised funds for outfitting a new brush truck, updating a thermal imager, and many other important needs.

The brush truck is used for fighting wildland fires and for access to otherwise inaccessible places. PVFA purchased a new brush guard frame and winching system at a cost of $2600 to complete the outfitting of this piece of equipment.


PVFA purchased a new Argus Mi Thermal Imaging Camera with extended warranty at a cost $9500, to replace the fire department's aging thermal imager.


PVFA purchased a new gear storage facility that is now fully in use at a cost of $2700. This system allows gear to dry more quickly after a fire, helping to make the gear last longer.