The membership of the Plainfield Volunteer Firefighters Association consists of many of the active members of the Plainfield Fire-EMS Department, as well as former firefighters, EMTs, and other townspeople who dedicate their time to supporting Plainfield's emergency responders.

If you are interested in becoming a firefighter or EMT, Plainfield Fire-EMS always needs new personnel. You can find out more about the requirements on the Plainfield Fire-EMS website.

If you are interested in helping the Plainfield Volunteer Firefighters Association provide support for Plainfield's emergency responders, you can stop by one of the monthly meetings of the Plainfield Volunteer Firefighters Association, held on the second Thursday of each month at 1900 (that's 7:00pm) at the Plainfield Public Safety Complex, 38 North Central Street, or you can make a donation.

Plainfield Volunteer Firefighters Association Leadership as of July 2017
PresidentJohn Westwood
Secretary/Vice-President Debbie Stevens
Treasurer Andy Stevens
Boryta Committee Brian Hawthorne (until 2019), John Westwood, Dennis Thatcher
Fiske Committee Mert Taylor Jr. (until 2019), John Westwood, Dennis Thatcher

Members Fire-EMS Role PVFA Member Since
Dennis Thatcher Chief of Department, EMT-B 1979 (founding member)
David Alvord Assistant Chief, EMT-B 1979 (founding member)
Bob Aeschback Firefighter1979 (founding member)
Edward Morann Captain1979 (founding member)
John Westwood Retired 1984
Merton Taylor Jr. Captain 1988
Andrew Stevens Firefighter 1995
Robbie Shearer Firefighter, EMT-B 1996
Matt Hardwick Captain 2001
Brian Hawthorne Firefighter, EMT-B 2004
Ellen Dupont Medical Officer, Firefighter, EMT-B 2009
Claude Dupont Firefighter 2009
Debbie Stevens EMT-B 2013
Jamie Wooldridge Firefighter 2013
Keith Bohonowicz Firefighter 2013
Justin LitchfieldFirefighter2018
Danielle WrightFirefighter2018
Ron Weeks Firefighter2018
Brian Hawthorne,
Oct 8, 2016, 2:32 PM